Porous Load Autoclave Validation

1 Day Live Online Training - Weds 13 Mar 2024

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Porous Load Autoclave Validation

1 Day Live Online Training - Wednesday 13 Mar 2024

This course provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of porous load (hard goods) Autoclave Validation.

Through a mixture of online modules, engaging practical demonstrations and group workshops. Delegates will attain a comprehensive knowledge of Autoclave Validation, Cycle Development, Performance Qualification, Re-Qualification, Load Design, Cycle Design and Failure Resolution.

The course starts with a basic introduction into porous load autoclaves before moving on to regulations and guidance. We will be running our autoclave to demonstrate common failures and how to prevent them, working through practical exercises in load wrapping and orientation.

Aimed at Validation, Engineering and Quality personnel the course is ran online via zoom.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Porous Load Autoclaves
  • Regulations and Guidance
  • Anatomy of an Autoclave
    • Services (Steam, Compressed Air, Cooling Water)
    • Air Detectors
    • Jackets
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • Temperature and Pressure Sensors
  • Routine Testing Overview
    • Leak Rate Tests, Warm Ups, Bowie Dick Tests and Automatic Control Tests
    • EN285 Testing
    • Steam Quality Testing
  • Load Orientation
  • Load Wrapping
  • Cycle Design and Development
    • How to optimise Air Removal
    • Drying Phase cycle design
  • Failure Modes and how to resolve them
    • Wet Loads
    • Air Removal (Non Condensable Gases, Leaks, Air Removal Cycle Design)
    • Superheat
  • Biological Indicators
  • Sensor and Biological Indicator Placement
  • Acceptance Criteria
    • Equilibration Time
    • Fluctuation
    • Difference
    • Steam Tables and Saturated Temperature of Steam
    • Lethality (Fo)
    • Biological Indicators

Your Instructor

Chris Maughan
Chris Maughan

Chris Maughan, Managing Director and Founder of Thermal Compliance Ltd. (established 2007). His career within the life sciences sector spans over 20 years specialising in validation compliance, consultancy and training. He is a validation professional skilled in the Validation of Sterilisation processes and Thermal Mapping.

Throughout the course Chris is happy to answer any questions you may have, please leave comments or contact Chris directly by email [email protected]

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