Fluids Load Autoclave Validation

1 Day Live Online Training - Wednesday 20th March 2024

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Fluids Load Autoclave Validation

1 Day Live Online Training - Wednesday 20th March 2024

This course provides everything you need to know to perform Validation on Fluids Loads Autoclaves, starting with a basic introduction into fluids loads sterilisation and autoclave design.

Delivered via Zoom, this one day training course is easily accessible and will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of fluids load validation. The course is delivered live by the founder of Thermal Compliance Ltd. Chris Maughan who has over 20 years of Autoclave Validation experience. With all modules recorded and available to watch for 30 days after the event, you wont miss out on any of the course material.

Designed for Validation, Quality and Engineering personnel who work closely with the sterilisation of fluids loads and TS products.


  • Introduction to Fluids Load Autoclaves
  • Regulations and Guidance
  • Autonomy of a Fluids Load Autoclave
    • Air/Pressure Autoclaves
    • Cascade Autoclaves
    • Load Probes
    • Chart Recorders
    • Cooling Jackets
    • Fans
  • Methods of Control
    • Fo
    • Load Probe
  • Biological Indicators for Fluids Load Autoclaves
  • Cycle Design
    • Heat Up
    • Sterilisation
    • Cooling
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Cycle Development
    • Load Probe Equivalence
    • Container Mapping
    • Identification of Worst Case Locations

Your Instructor

Chris Maughan
Chris Maughan

Chris Maughan, Managing Director and Founder of Thermal Compliance Ltd. (established 2007). His career within the life sciences sector spans over 20 years specialising in validation compliance, consultancy and training. He is a validation professional skilled in the Validation of Sterilisation processes and Thermal Mapping.

Throughout the course Chris is happy to answer any questions you may have, please leave comments or contact Chris directly by email [email protected]

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